Adria John Williams View Adrian Williams's LinkedIn profileDM plc – Founder and Chairman

Adrian John Williams is an entrepreneur, business owner and investor. After graduating from Aberystwyth University with a degree in economics and marketing, he has gone on to have an incredibly successful career, one of the highlights of which was the formation of DM plc in 2004.

About DM plc?

DM plc is an industry giant in the field of direct marketing media of post, mobile, email, phone and internet. It works with the following:

  • Customer Recruitment Division

This team is responsible for the design, promotion and distribution of a range of different games. These are response orientated and revolve around either skill or chance. By engaging with these games, customers are added to the Groups’ database, here they can be profitably communicated with using Direct Mail.

  • Database Management Division

DM plc has managed to establish a response driven database that consists of more than 8 million customers, consequently making it one of the largest response databases in the UK.  This combined lifestyle database allows for unparalleled access to email and telephone data.

What Has Allowed for DM plc’s Success?

DM plc has grown substantially since it’s original incorporation in 2004, this can be put down to multiple factors, namely, the calculated acquisitions that have been made by Adrian John Williams.

  • Data Locator Group Ltd & PDV Ltd

Firstly, the acquisitions of Data Locator Group Ltd in November 2008 and PDV in April 2009. With these came the opportunity to rapidly establish the influence that we have in both our market position and consumer lifestyle database marketing.

  • Accolade Publishing Ltd

Accolade Publishing Ltd has also recently joined our ranks. We are looking forward to working with them given they operate some of the largest online comping websites available.

  • Transactics Ltd

Additionally, in July 2017 was the acquisition of the business and assets of the Transactis data pool. This has only proven to further enhance DM plc’s already huge data pool as they work with some of the largest Mail Order Businesses in the UK.

  • MyOffers Ltd

In October 2019, MyOffers Ltd were acquired by Adrian John Williams. They are an online permission marketing company that specialise in connecting UK consumers with Special Offers.

Thanks to the relentless work put in by its founder, Adrian John Williams, DM plc is now one of the largest providers of consumer lifestyle data in the UK.