About us:

Adrian John Williams formed DM Ltd in 2004. Our customer recruitment activities of online and telephone surveys have been enhanced through the acquisition of complementary businesses and the group is now a multi-channel business and is established as the UK’s largest owner of consumer lifestyle data.

Data Locator Group Ltd and PDV Ltd:

They were acquired by Adrian Williams in 2008 and 2009 respectively when they became part of the DM group. DLG and PDV are Consumer Data Marketing specialists and the UK’s largest providers of consumer lifestyle data, who strive to help our clients achieve optimum results from their data-driven marketing through our industry-leading data products and professional services.

Accolade Publishing Ltd:

Accolade became part of the group in September 2015. It operates the largest online comping sites including www.theprizefinder.com and www.compersnews.com

Transactis 2017 Ltd:

Adrian Williams acquired the business and assets of the Transactis datapool in July 2017. Transactis is a huge datapool including the transactional data of some of the largest Mail Order businesses in the UK. Transactis 2017 Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Database Holdings Ltd.

MyOffers 2019 Ltd:

MyOffers 2019 Ltd, an online permission marketing company connecting UK consumers with Special Offers, was acquired in October 2019.